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Yu Jing

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Yu Jing Support Pack Mech-Engineers (Zhanshi Gōngchéng) are the members of the technical assistance unit of the Mechanized Infantry sections of the Yu Jing armed forces and the Yīshēngs (Doctors) in the employ of the StateEmpire Army undergo military training just like any other Zhanshi. Both, with their Yáozăo Remotes, can save your day. Купить Yu Jing Support Pack в Киеве можно в ма...
Tai Sheng, Zuyong Invincibles NCO I want to help forge Yu Jing's destiny. And I’m not afraid, because I know I’m not alone. My brothers in arms are with me, the invincible armoured troops. They are all like me, citizens who have decided to expose themselves to the greatest danger. All of us are protectors of our nation and makers of its destiny. We will stand firm, we will never surrender, ...
Model Color Set: Infinity Yu Jing Exclusive Miniature This set allows you to own all the necessary colors to paint the models belonging to the Yu Jing Army.  This set includes a Zhanshi Forward Observer exclusive miniature that can only be found in this paint set. Includes the colors: Black (70.950), Heavy Black Green (72.147), Periscopes (703.309), Cavalry Brown (70.92), Orange Br...
Krit Kokram, Invincible Zuyongs Specialist Who is Krit Kokram? He's a combat engineer, specialist, and a leader always at the vanguard of the Zuyong Invincibles. This is what his military record says. But, apart from this record, little to no information can be found on him. This is Krit Kokram nowadays, a Zuyong specialist who shares with a dead man the fascination with big guns and the th...
Invincible Army Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack 1x ZÚYǑNG (Missile Launcher) 1x ZÚYǑNG (Boarding Shotgun) 1x ZÚYǑNG (Combi Rifle) 1x DĀOYĪNG (Minelayer) (MULTI Sniper) 1x LIÚ XĪNG Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) (Boarding Shotgun) 1x HǍIDÀO (Combi Rifle) The Invincible Army is a force characterized by emp...
Hulang Shocktroopers - Combi Rifle + Light FT The men and women of this unit fight like warriors from antiquity: terrorizing the enemy with the edge of their swords, favouring hand-to-hand combat, and getting close enough to their opponents to see the whites of their eyes as they overtake them, one after the other, as unstoppable as they are unrelenting. Please Note: One Hu...
Hsien (Multi Rifle) Hsien (or Immortals) are the personal guard of the Emperor, and a prestigious elite unit formed by decorated officers of the Imperial Service. All members of this corps consider being entrusted with the personal safety of their Emperor as the highest honor a member of the military can receive, guaranteeing unswerving loyalty and determination in combat. Hsien are the mos...
Hsien (HMG) Hsien (HMG) The Hsien (or Immortals) are the personal elite guard of the Emperor. They are the most self-sacrificing of the chosen, the best of the select, devoted to the Emperor until death without thought for themselves or for anyone else. They are specialized in intense combat actions and in going into or repelling assaults by fire power, close combat or counter attack. The H...
Guijia Pilot “The Sì Líng Squads are a prestigious unit, a source of pride for their military prowess in service of the nation. The Guijia machines of the State Cavalry are the best warfare tools devised by man to this day. In days of yore, incorporation into an elite unit was a matter of lineage or rank, but not in the reality of Yu Jing where, thanks to Imperial socialism, only the be...
Dàoféi (Multi Rifle)   Купить Dàoféi (Multi Rifle) в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. Доставка Dàoféi (Multi Rifle) производится курьером в Киеве (есть самовывоз) и компаниями грузоперевозчиками по Украине, России и другим странам мира. Заказать Dàoféi (Multi Rifle) в Киеве можно по телефонам: (096) 285-56-40; (095) 919-18-13; (063) 648-52-58; ...

Yu Jing

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