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Operation:Icestorm - Infinity Starter Set This year CB will heat the summer with the release of its first Battle Pack! Operation: Icestorm it is a totally new product in the Infinity catalogue. A box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory ruleset, scenery, dice - everything you need to start collecting Infinity or just to complete your collection! ...
Operation: Red Veil - Infinity Starter Set Yu Jing Starter Pack: 3x Zhanshi (Combi Rifle) 1x Zuyong Invincible, Terracotta Soldier (Combi Rifle) 1x Tiger Soldier (Hacker) 1x Hsien (HMG) 1x Ninja (Tactical Bow) Haqqislam Starter Pack: 3x Ghulam Infantry (Rifle + Light Shotgun) 1x Zhayedan...
Model Color Set: Infinity Nomads Exclusive Miniature This product allows you to own all the necessary colours to paint the models belonging to your favourite faction: Nomads. This set includes an exclusive miniature that can only be found in this paint set: Alguacil (Medikit). You will also find the colours that you will need to paint your nomad army: Black, Medium Sea Grey, Hull Red, B...
Beyond Wildfire Expansion Pack The perfect complement for the Operation Wildfire Battle Pack. Box contains: 1x Cuervo Goldstein (Boarding Shotgun) 1x Omega (HMG) 1x Betatrooper (Specialist Operative) (MULTI Rifle) 1x Sheskiin (Red Fury) 1x Caliban (Multispectral Visor L1) (Spitfire) 1x Malignos (Boarding ...
Beyond Red Veil Expansion Pack 1x TARIK MANSURI (Spitfire) 1x FIDAY (DA CCW) 1x RAGIK (Boarding Shotgun) 1x DÀOFĚI (HMG) 1x ZHÀNYING (Sensor) (Breaker Combi Rifle) 1x GŬILÁNG (MULTI Sniper Rifle) In the commercial area of the Neon Lotus Orbital Station, Yu Jing and Haqqislam spec ops teams fight for data...
Advance Pack - Convention Exclusive Pre-release On the shores of the Free Island of Sálvora, O-12 and Shasvastii special units engage in combat to decide the destiny of the planet Paradiso. Team Sirius Team Sirius was conceived as a special K-9 team with synchronized robotic units. As the mythological hound they are named after, once this detective squad scents prey, they never give...


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