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Painting Miniatures From A To Z Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 2 Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 2 is a painting tutorial guide complementary to the first volume. This volume explains new techniques and tips through hundreds of pictures of the painting process, which will help painters to continually improve their miniature painting skills. The Masterclasses section includes tutori...
Infinity: Outrage Retired sniper Knauf believes his days as a pawn in the grand game of intrigue are behind him. But an ambitious officer, Emily Handelman, is about to show up at his doorstep to enrol him in an operation where nothing is what it seems. In his hands are now not only state secrets and the lives of Human Sphere citizens, but the blood prize of his own identity. Contains: ...
Infinity Uprising (EN) This is a new expansion book that will mark a before and after in the history of the Infinity Universe. Through the long-awaited JSA and Mercs, the Infinity background goes forward in a way unexpected for many. The Japanese Uprising and their schism from Yu Jing bring forth the Non-Aligned Armies (NA2), a new faction that encompasses JSA, plus StarCo, the Ikari Compan...
Infinity Third Offensive A new book for Infinity. In it we can find all the details of the Third Offensive. Is Paradiso on the ropes? What’s the new threat to the Human Sphere? Enjoy the new rules, new Sectorial Armies and Fireteams. Купить Infinity Third Offensive в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. Доставка Infinity Third Offensive производится курьером...
Infinity 3rd Edition (English) STREAMLINED RULES, NEW PROFILES, THE SAME GAME, BUT BETTER! Full color books. Estimated number of pages: Background: 180 pages; Rules: 275 pages Binding: Soft cover. Both books are content in a case. Купить Infinity 3rd Edition (English) в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. Доставка Infinity 3rd Edition (English) ...
Infinity - Human Sphere N3 (ENG) The new edition of Human Sphere is a full color compilation book that updates its ruleset to Infinity N3, adding new rules, special skills, weapons and equipment. It will also have background and army lists of complete and expanded Sectorial Armies, including the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH and the Tohaa army list. Human Sphere brings a new dimension to Infinity ...


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