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Zulu-Cobra, Special Recon and Intervention Team (Hacker) The Zulu-Cobra are a rapid deployment Special Forces team specialized in both amphibian and jungle warfare. This blister includes one Zulu-Cobra Hacker. Take advantage of his Camouflage and Forward Deployment to hunt down enemy Hackers thanks to his Killer Hacker Device and protect your Varuna Immediate Reaction Division from info...
Zulu-Cobra, Special Recon and Intervention Group (Jammer) Zulu-Cobras are proud heirs to two historically notable elite units, and as such they have elected to honor their roots through their regimental codename. Zulu stands for the Z Special Unit, a majority-Australian Allied Special Forces unit that operated in the Pacific during WWII. Cobra alludes to the illustrious CoBRA commandos of t...
Patsy Garnett, Orc Troops Varuna Div. NCO (Submachine Gun) Patsy is the archetypal Varuna girl: slender, lithe, sun-kissed and relentlessly lively; she’s a living tourism brochure for her home planet. How did such a sweet girl end up clad in a suit of ORC armour in the Varuna Division, a unit that has trodden some of the darkest paths of the Human Sphere? Patsy Garnett is an Orc Troop, ...
PanOceania Military Orders 300Pt Pack 1x JOAN OF ARC (MULTI Rifle) 1x BLACK FRIAR (Albedo, Biometric Visor L1) (MULTI Rifle) 1x CRUSADER (MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower) 1x SPEC. SERGEANT Hacker (Hacking Device) (Combi Rifle) 1x SPEC. SERGEANT (Combi Rifle + AUXBOT_1) 1x ORDER SERGEANT (Heav...
Neoterran Capitaline Army Sectorial Starter Pack This time, the Sectorial Starter is not just a compilation of previously released models because it contents 3 new figures with new troop profiles! This makes it the best way to start collecting this PanOceanian Sectorial Army. The Neoterran Capitaline Army is the strongest and most technified force of PanOceania, its foremost defensive and o...
Jeanne d'Arc 2.0 (Mobility Armor) (Spitfire) To Joan of Arc, the most natural thing in life is to lead an assault and always be the first in the line of fire. Her combat instinct brings her to the forefront of any engagement, regardless of battle conditions. However, in spite of her inexorable thirst for action, she is aware that a good leader must know how to adapt to the combat environmen...
Hexas (MULTI Sniper)   Купить Hexas (MULTI Sniper) в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. Доставка Hexas (MULTI Sniper) производится курьером в Киеве (есть самовывоз) и компаниями грузоперевозчиками по Украине, России и другим странам мира. Заказать Hexas (MULTI Sniper) в Киеве можно по телефонам: + 38 (096) 285 56 40; + 38 (095) 919 18 13; +38 (06...
Echo Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania’s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell, one of the hardest units in action. This blister includes one miniature: An Echo-Bravo with a Light Rocket Launcher. Thanks to his Airborne Infiltration Special Skill, he will spread the chaos among the enemy lines. An addition that will provide mobility to yo...
Dronbot Remotes (REM) Box contains: 1x Sierra Dronbot (HMG) 1x Clipper Dronbot (Smart Missile Launcher) This product is not a toy.  Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger. Miniatures included in our products are provided unpainted. Assembly may also be required. Actual components may vary from those shown. ...
Croc Men (Hacker)   Купить Croc Men (Hacker) в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. Доставка Croc Men (Hacker) производится курьером в Киеве (есть самовывоз) и компаниями грузоперевозчиками по Украине, России и другим странам мира. Заказать Croc Men (Hacker) в Киеве можно по телефонам: (096) 285-56-40; (095) 919-18-13; (063) 648-52-58; mail@cbgames...
Bagh-Mari Unit (HMG) 1x BAGH-MARI (HMG) The **Bagh-Mari** were ancient clans of tiger hunters, professionals that travelled all over India killing the most problematic felines for money. Nowadays, this name is used to designate a Panoceanian unit specialized in jungle combat. The Bagh-Mari are special troops, veteran and professional. Like those ancient tiger killers, the jungle is ...


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