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Valkyrie, Elite Bodyguard Convention Exclusive Model Valkyrie is not only an Aristeia! star and a member of the Soldiers of Fortune team, she is also the spearhead of the assault and boarding team of the Foreign Company, the luxury mercenary group which only works for the rich and powerful. Contains: 1x Valkyrie, Elite Bodyguard Купить Valkyrie, Elite Bodyguard Convention Excl...
Caledonian Mormaer (AP HMG) In a society like Caledonia, where the clans’ power is based around Teseum, ostentatious use of this neomaterial is a symbol of power, both political and military. Because of this, the Mormaers are visibly the most elite troops in the Caledonian Army. Their armor has such a high percentage of incredibly pure Teseum that it offers protection superior to that of th...
Aristeia 30mm Bases Always useful, additional bases to replace damaged or lost ones or to use for markers or counters. This bases pack includes 10 x 30mm plastic bases which are great to use for infinity products. Please note: These bases come unpainted and some assembly may be required. Купить Aristeia 30mm Bases в Киеве можно в магазине настольных игр и моделирования CBGames. До...


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